Overheard in the Hall: Getting Smacked with the Karma Stick

Feb 22, 2012 by

Overheard in the Hall: Getting Smacked with the Karma Stick

It’s always amusing when you see a little karma come back and bite someone in the backside who richly deserves it.  Sitting across from Mary and Donald all day doesn’t just mean listening to their constant yelling about how greedy, intolerant, racist and stupid conservatives and Republicans are, it often means also listening to how stupid Mary thinks everyone is.  The word stupid really must be her favorite, usually preceded or followed by an expletive, and always shouted.  I must hear it at least 20 times a day.  But Mary has one other “endearing” habit: she always parks in the handicap space, closest to the door of the building.  We work in a pretty old building, and the parking lot is fenced-in.  The handicap space in the lot is marked, but the lines are faded, and we have nobody who works in the office who is actually handicapped, or has a sticker for their car, so Mary has been treating this as her own personal parking space for as long as I’ve been there.

Well, last week, the inevitable finally happened.  Another person who works in the building came in from the parking lot a little after lunch, and alerted Mary to the presence of a parking ticket on her car.  She immediately went outside to check, came back in, and had a meltdown.

Who do those F#@%ing A%%Ho&#$ think they are!  I am NOT PAYING THIS!  They can KISS MY A%%!  They can’t come in here, this is PRIVATE PROPERTY!  That’s not a REAL handicapped space!  They should be out catching rapists and murderers, not wasting their time trying to give out ILLEGAL parking tickets on PRIVATE PROPERTY!  What STUPID A%%Ho&#$!!!

Yep, it took her a bit, but she finally worked-in her favorite word.  She carried-on like this for a good ten minutes, and finally finished-up by announcing that she was going to go out and cover-up the handicapped sign posted in her parking space.  Sure enough, by the end of the day, there was a heavy plastic bag secured over the sign with a plastic cable tie.  You see where this is going, don’t you?

Today code enforcement visited the building to cite the owners for covering the sign designating the handicapped space.  It looks like poor Mary is now going to have to hunt for a parking space like the rest of us tomorrow morning.

As most people with a driver’s license know, handicap parking spaces must be provided in any public or private non-residential parking lot.  It’s actually a federal requirement, outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Parking in a handicap space without a sticker always carries a painful fine, too, which is another thing most of us know, at least most of us who aren’t excessively absorbed with the perceived mental deficiencies of others!

It’s always satisfying seeing someone who deserves it getting smacked with the karma stick.  It’s just too bad Mary probably won’t learn anything from it.

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  1. That’s especially funny considering that it’s people like her who vote in the people that pass the law that is now so terribly inconveniencing her. It’s hilarious.

    The “private property” bit is funny too. She probably thinks it’s fine that the federal government dictates your toilets, showers, faucets, and now light bulbs.

    Typical liberal. It’s always wrong once it affects them.